Hunterdon & Mercer County Regional Chronic Disease Coalition


Mission of Hunterdon/Mercer County Coalition:

The Hunterdon & Mercer County Regional Chronic Disease Coalition is committed to decreasing the cancer incidence and mortality rates through education and outreach activities. These initiatives are achieved through partnerships between local public health care providers, human service organizations, churches, worksites, schools, and community/civic groups, cancer survivors and interested parties. The coalition establishes and maintains community-wide involvement in the planning, coordination, and implementation of cancer and chronic disease-focused initiatives.


About the Hunterdon and Mercer County Regional Chronic Disease Coalition:

The Hunterdon and Mercer County Regional Chronic Disease Coalition is a grant-funded project made possible by the New Jersey Department of Health Office of Cancer Control and Prevention.  The Hunterdon & Mercer County Cancer Coalition is housed at Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center and is coordinated by Kristina Torok, BS, MSc. 

 Each county has a coalition. Coalitions are made up of health professionals, physicians, and community stakeholders who are dedicated to reducing cancer incidence and mortality in their county through educational programs and community outreach.  Coalitions also partner with their county CEED (Cancer Education and Early Detection) grant coordinator to better address the prevention needs of their county.

 Each county cancer coalition develops an agenda based on the cancers of focus for that county.  The Hunterdon/Mercer County cancers of focus are: breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate, and skin cancers. Capitalizing on the combined expertise of Hunterdon and Mercer County Cancer Coalition members and member organizations, along with the technical expertise of the Hunterdon Healthcare Population Health Committee, will allow for a seamless coordinated effort between the Hunterdon-Mercer Regional Health Coalitions to implement population-based approaches regarding outdoor tobacco use in the region’s municipalities, colorectal cancer screening in family practice offices and clinics for the underserved, healthy lifestyle promotion (especially in urban and/or underserved areas), and melanoma primary prevention as well.


About the Hunterdon/Mercer County Cancer Coalition:

The Hunterdon County Cancer Coalition has participated in a statewide effort from 2003-2012 to provide its county residents cancer education, early detection/screening and cancer treatment and services.

Mercer County Cancer Coalition has worked with its stakeholders to raise awareness of its cancers of focus and to increase cancer screening rates and decrease the burden of cancer on its population.

Cancer, however, is just one of the many chronic diseases affecting Hunterdon and Mercer Counties. Both coalitions have also allocated resources to educating their communities on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for chronic disease prevention.


Past Meeting Minutes:

December 15th, 2015

September 15th, 2015

June 23rd, 2015

March 23, 2015

Contact Information:

 Amanda Medina-Forrester, MA, MPH – Cancer Coalition Coordinator, Hunterdon/Mercer County

(908) 237-2328 – PH

(908) 788-2588 – FX

 2100 Wescott Drive Flemington, NJ 08822

Miriam Ramirez- Cancer Coalition Community Liason, Mercer County

908-237-7039 (Ph)

908-788-2588 (Fx)

2100 Wescott Drive Flemington, NJ 08822